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As a top urologist in Manhattan and throughout New York City, Dr. Rottenberg is committed to providing care aimed at treating conditions and diseases from a "whole health" perspective, including safe, effective integrative urology approaches customized for each patient's unique needs for complete healing and optimal results.


What is Integrative urology?

Integrative urology is an approach to care that takes into account the “whole health” of the patient, including factors that can have an impact on urogenital health, but which may involve other areas of health and wellness. Integrative care forms an important part of a holistic medicine approach, which combines the best scientific advances of conventional medicine with traditional and scientifically validated alternative therapies. Integrative urology can be especially important for patients who have only explored mainstream medicine and who have thus far had disappointing results.

What kinds of chronic urologic conditions can be treated with Integrative medicine?

Most chronic conditions can be treated holistically; those that tend to respond especially well include:

  • chronic cystitis (urinary tract infections)

  • chronic pelvic pain syndrome

  • painful sex

  • erectile dysfunction

  • chronic prostatitis

Is Integrative urology better than mainstream approaches to urologic care?

No, not better – just different. Mainstream medicine can be very effective in treating acute issues, but when it comes to managing long-term or chronic issues, it sometimes falls short. Integrative medicine shifts the focus of treatment from a disease-centered or symptom-centered approach to a patient-centered approach in which the patient's whole health and lifestyle are considered when prescribing treatment.

Does Integrative urology mean you don't use medicine?

Not at all; while integrative care does help patients tap into the body's own healing processes, it includes a variety of science-based tests and treatment methods aimed at achieving optimal health and wellness throughout the body.

What kinds of treatments does Integrative urology include?

There are many potential treatments that may be used, including:

  • holistic-based medical interventions

  • botanical and dietary supplement consultations

  • nutritional assessment and consultation

  • wellness and lifestyle consultations

  • intravenous treatments

  • bio-identical hormone replacement therapy


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