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Men's Health Specialist
At his office in Manhattan, Dr. Rottenberg provides comprehensive men's health services aimed at helping men from throughout New York City manage their health and wellness at every age and every stage of life, identifying underlying conditions that can cause a host of symptoms, including fatigue, weight gain and low libido.


What is men's health?

Men's health includes all the diagnostic testing, proactive and preventive screening, and care, treatment and procedures aimed at helping men achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness at every stage of life, from puberty all the way through the senior years. Men's health needs include those that affect the urogenital tract as well as issues and conditions affected by hormonal fluctuations that occur during the normal course of life. And it also includes the diangosis and management of medical conditions that are unique to men, including prostate issues and issues affecting the sex organs and male reproduction.

What types of men's health services do you offer?

In recent years, urology has focused more on the urologic organs and less on health of the whole patient. We strive to provide a more integrative, holistic approach that takes all health factors into account, not just those associated with the sex organs and urogenital tract. At our office, we offer a full array of care and treatment options, including:

  • holistic-based medical interventions

  • changes to medications

  • state-of-the-art imaging and in-office diagnostics

  • nutritional assessment and consultation

  • hormonal weight-loss programs

  • personalized supplementation programs

  • bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

  • intravenous treatments

  • surgical interventions

Each patient's treatment is based on an in-depth physical exam and evaluation, and every treatment plan is focused on helping men enhance and reclaim their health, performance and vitality.

How often should I have a men's health well visit?

Well visits help you maintain optimal health at every age, and include both a physical examination and recommendations for important health screenings that can help you ward off disease and identify diseases in their earliest and most treatable stages. Ideally, you should have a well visit every year to keep track of your health so subtle but important changes can be noted.


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